Harrier Search is always committed to upholding all universally applicable Human Rights and fighting against Modern Slavery.

Our Pledge

Our aim is to work hard to build a better world, through upholding the highest business practices and ethical standards possible. This means continually auditing the way we run our business and being transparent in everything we do. We want to build economic growth that respects human rights and sustains communities, cultures, families, and the environment.

Supply chain monitoring

We appreciate the risk of Human Rights violations and instances of Modern Slavery can occur at any part of the supply chain. Thus, we are always committed to upholding all of our partners and suppliers to the same principles as we uphold ourselves. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines all powers Harrier Search maintains to run due diligence screenings, identifying supplier risk regarding Human Rights, and conducting audits.

For further information on how we ensure the highest level of Human Rights, please refer to our Human Rights Policy detailing the key steps and objectives Harrier Search is adopting going forward.

Signed version available for download below. Other policies available on request.