The purpose of Legal Operations is to drive efficiency within a corporation’s legal team, streamlining processes and finding risks and opportunities. As businesses increasingly move from paper to email, LegalOps teams have to use the latest advancements in eDiscovery and Analytics technology just to keep on top of all data that the corporation creates on a daily basis.

The next level is then to use this mountain of data to the firm’s advantage: finding hidden risks that might expose a business to hefty regulatory fines; sub-optimal terms within sales agreements; model documents that can be used as a template, saving the legal team valuable time in protracted negotiations.

A survey in 2016 by the Association of Corporate Counsel found that the number of firms with a member of staff dedicated to LegalOps was 50%, up from 20% in 2015. This is a field that is experiencing stratospheric growth, presenting candidates with fantastic opportunities. Candidates considering a move into LegalOps will need a thoroughly analytical mind but allied to a creative spark, enabling them to find new solutions for difficult problems

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