An international law firm with a demonstrable commitment to innovation is looking to grow their client-facing team with a Solutions Manager. The ideal candidate will have commercial acumen, experience in building productive and lasting relationships with clients and enough tech awareness to know the art of the possible when it comes to building and delivering new products and services. Flexible working on offer, and partner-level sponsorship and mentoring will also be a part of the package.

The Role

  • Lead and support on delivery of client facing work within the team
  • Lead and participate on calls with external clients and internal team members to understand and define requirements
  • Oversee and manage the delivery of solutions to client and internal teams. Enable the adoption of the solutions
  • Manage and contribute to the build f the resulting solutions through configuration of HighQ sites, use of internally developed coding tools, and the development of automated documents for client and/or internal use.
  • Ensure solutions are thoroughly tested (including with clients), and planning/managing a roadmap of iterative changes and improvements to the solutions
  • Maintenance of solutions: Responsibility for the ongoing management of sites in operation, and leading role (including potentially as account lead) in the client relationship and its growth
  • Actively participate in the teams product development process, including client feedback sessions
  • At all times act as a brand ambassador for the firm

The Candidate

As well as having an interest in technology, disruption and problem solving, our client needs someone who has:

  • Proven experience of working with workflow and automation technology
  • Evidence of picking up new technologies and becoming an expert in them
  • Experienced in meaningful stakeholder engagement
  • Capable of quickly picking up and understanding new technologies
  • Comfortable engaging with people and leading client facing conversations
  • Willing to fail, learn and improve ideas and solutions
  • Be curious, creative and have a desire to change things for the better
  • Be invested in delivering a high quality client experience
  • Active and supportive team member that looks to contribute to a healthy team dynamic
  • Be an active wellbeing and mental health advocate
  • Bring independence and diversity of thought every day

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