Are you a product manager who really cares about solving user problems and wishes you could work with users more often? A CSM looking for more of a challenge, with direct input into product development? Or a lawyer or regulatory professional looking for a career change into tech? Our client is a bootstrapped startup with BigLaw clients across continents and just beginning their journey in EMEA. Equity also on offer.

The Role

As members of our product team, CSMs work directly with customers and developers to ensure that the product is as good as it can be for our users. As a small team there’s a broad remit, and the role can be tailored to your experience and talents, so there’s the opportunity to really make the role your own. There are opportunities for growth in the direction of Product Management, different CS specialisations, leadership responsibilities, and many other things to learn and responsibilities to take on as the company grows.

Here are some things you might’ve done if you had been with the client this month:

  • Onboarded a new corporate customer with a 30-min workshop for 6 of their team, working with their administrator to get the project started on the right foot.
  • Written your learnings from that workshop into user stories in the product backlog.
  • Joined the fortnightly product sprint plannings & wrap-ups.
  • Helped the devs test new product features in our staging environment.
  • Lined up 2 or 3 customers to be early testers of another feature you’ve already tested and is behind feature flags before wider rollout.
  • Updated our online documentation to cover the upcoming new feature.
  • Made one trainee lawyer very happy by showing them how the software “just works” for that really specific problem they were having while trying to meet a crazy deadline.
  • Noticed 2 customers are coming up to the end of their subscription period, checked our data to see how their usage is going, and coordinated with our growth team to arrange a subscription review.
  • Responded to one or two intercom inquiries per day, then tweaked our answer bot to better respond to those types of questions.

The Candidate

  • Creative and flexible. It’s a small team doing things nobody has done before, so you’ll want to be excited about tackling unknown problems and pitching in to help even when you don’t quite feel like you know exactly what you’re doing.
  • Natural communicator. Communication is a first class skill, particularly in a remote world, so we take this seriously. More than just good spelling and grammar, you’re great at building relationships and getting things done with others, whether it’s through Slack, Zoom, or in person.
  • Measure twice, cut once. Long term, true velocity and agility comes from putting in enough planning that you can move fast without breaking things. “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”
  • Bias toward action. Generally, when in doubt, you give something a try and see if it works. Yes, doing the right thing is best, but doing the wrong thing is generally better than doing nothing at all. 
  • Outcome-focused. You don’t confuse a great slide deck for genuine user outcomes. You’re able to separate the process from the outcome, and if you’re blocked on the process you were expecting to take, you try other ways of getting that outcome.

That said, if you’ve done any of the following, then definitely get in touch!

  • Customer success experience. You’ve worked in a customer success program focussed on the adoption of new technologies or CX.
  • Industry knowledge in corporate law and/or corporate governance. You’ve got a law degree, worked as a lawyer, or in investor relations, corporate affairs, finance, or governance of a listed company, fund, or REIT.
  • High growth environment. You’ve worked in a scale-up that’s grown fast and scaled processes.

For more information about the role, send your CV to